TENAC will endorse any candidate we feel best for affordable rental housing regardless of party affiliation. In this strongly Democratic town, some District Democrats, while progressive on many issues, often forget traditional party values of help to the low income, elderly, disabled and even middle class when it comes to affordable housing - - primarily due to developer/landlord dollars and influence. Too much of a good thing is not good, especially when you forsake your party’s core values for an intoxicating bandwagon of profits reaped from what seems yet-again, another housing bubble.   We endorse candidates we believe best for what D.C. residents affirm, in poll after poll, remains their number one concern: affordable housing. Let us speak truthfully. Despite all myths, without rent control, there will be no affordable housing left. Contrived assumptions that inclusionary zoning, subsidies and other means are adequate substitutes have proven illusory: the results have yielded next to nil affordable units but an abundance of loopholes, zoning variances, outright violations, and a travesty of housing regulations, like qualifying $80,000 incomes as delivering affordable units. And with a regulatory agency that consistently issues rulings to curry developer favor, tenants face an often Sysiphean task. (See prior posts on the need for reform)   We wait with hope that all, not just some candidates who succeed to the council will help us and the rest of housing advocates, preserve, protect, and expand tenants’ rights, rent control and affordable housing.