The Washington Post Endorsements Saga: With Friends Like These...!

        Washington Post endorsements can be high risk; Muriel Bowser should take note.  Just ask Patrick Mara!  The Post beat the kettle-drums for him worthy of a National Symphony percussionist, promoting him every way except putting his name in neon atop the Washington Monument.  Notwithstanding, Mr. Mara came in last.

        Now the Post is at it again, running three-column editorials (usually, we understand, reserved for declarations of war) for Ms. Bowser, a tenant unfriendly lady in a city of tenants, who like the Post, has more reservations about rent control, affordable housing, and tenant rights, than there are seeds inside of a pomegranate.  

        The Post seems to be in a time warp.  Editors have trouble deciding which cloak to don – “The Great White Father”; “The Delphic Oracle”; or “The Wizard of Oz.”  We suggest they fold their tent and let the people decide.  

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