Their struggle has acquired great notoriety locally, and also the support of councilmembers and like-minded organizations. Located at 4th and K Streets, NW - what has now become a hot development frontier, Museum Square has over 300 tenants with the most concentrated number of Asian tenants in and around Chinatown. Developers first attempted to order the tenants out in order to raze the building and build a massive, modern, ultra-plush condo complex, while leaving tenants with no place to go, and in so doing, destroy an entire community of diversity to boot! When their empty threat to get out was seen through, they then feigned compliance with tenants' rights law, offering to sell the building to tenants by naming an impossibly out-of-reach price of one-quarter of a BILLION dollars. 

Theirs then became a landmark case, where the courts affirmed landlord offers to sell must be based on reasonable, present estimates of a building’s worth, not inflated projections of what future fantasies and possibilities might bring. Really all to circumvent the law and evict tenants for excessive profit. But developers are now gearing for the next attack, salivating at the once-disregarded property.  We urge tenants all over to support the Museum Square folks, by voicing support! Contact the D.C. Councllmembers at-large, the Council Chairman and the Councilmember for your own ward, to help. Simply call the Council’s main number (202) 724-8000 and ask to speak to them , OR, just click to email them at: Councilmembers