We Urge Inclusion of Tenants Association AFFILIATES AS WELL AS SIERRA CLUB, NAACP AND OTHERS FOR MEMBERSHIP   Right wing reactionary groups have long sought the destruction of organized labor, progressive government programs, and giving power and voice to the common man. Organized Labor is fighting back hard. After decades of assaults on Labor - - firing air traffic controllers, shipping decent wage jobs overseas, and stacking regulatory agencies with anti-labor appointees - - Organized Labor sees a key opportunity to strengthen its power, by including simpatico organizations in its union membership, organizations, like the NAACP and Sierra Club.   Kudos on such a move. All fair minded, liberal and progressive people - - environmentalists, civil rights groups, non-union employees, civil libertarians and privacy advocates - - need to unite in common cause under Labor’s banner. The alternative is that corporate interests will crush real progress and reform efforts for poor and low-wage people by pushing substandard wages, crushing opportunities to organize, and ultimately destroy The American Dream for countless Americans. That threat also applies to tenant associations, the tenants rights movement and affordable housing, which faces “market rate” rip-off rents everywhere in the city, as the District becomes rapidly unaffordable except for the rich.   TENAC says the time for such folly is over, and the time to unite and fight it is now. As tenant and housing advocates, we urge organized labor to expand its ranks, strengthen its voice and continue its comeback for the American people, by including organizations like those cited above among its members. There is no better place to start than including tenant associations as members, and we urge Organized Labor to move ahead on this bold and brave proposal.   LONG LIVE LABOR RIGHTS! LONG LIVE TENANTS RIGHTS! - Jim McGrath

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