(And BY EXTENSON, TENAC TO ALL D.C. RESIDENTS: VOTE for Dems & progressives who have not forgotten their core constituents in favor of the big boys and developer dollars - A PORTENT FOR ALL DC:The District is rapidly becoming unaffordable and many long-term residents, including the low income, the disabled, the elderly and even middle income earners, are beingpriced out due to escalating rents and overdevelopment. We believe Ernest Johnson will best help preserve and protect affordable housing and tenants rights of all thecandidates running for Ward 1 Council seat.  Why? Well, there are Democrats and progressives, and there are Democrats and progressives; and in this city some progressivesand Democrats have forgotten core values to favor developer dollars.  Even faithful party voters have been allured by the promise of making a fortune by making the Districta city of wall-to-wall luxury condos.  We are notagainst smart, reasonable development.  But bubbles burst and you can get too much of a good thing, especially if itinvolves kicking out your core constituents!Notably, he is one of the candidates to mention rent control in the positive vein it deserves.  If you want to help preserve affordable housing, stop astronomical rentincreases, and protect tenants, we say,  Vote for Ernest Johnson on November 4.  It’s up to you!  -  Jim McGrath,ChairmanTENAC