TENAC ENDORSES CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE FOR 2012! (Click to see list of candidates TENAC recommends)

TENAC's (D.C. Tenants' Advocacy Coaltion) Board of Directors met on October 7 and voted to endorse candidates citywide for the general election this November.  We debated the merits of each candidate, and then made our decision, based on which candidates we think would best represent tenants' interests. There is much to do in the next two years.  Most important, TENAC and others are focusing on repeal of the costly new rent control increases landlords are allowed, CPI plus two (2) percent.  Though it seems like a small amount annually, when compounded, it will double and triple rents in the span of a few years. We urge you to support returning rent control to its former rent hikes of only CPI percent increases, and we strongly urge you to support the TENAC-endorsed slate.

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