TENAC, the DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition, announces its endorsements for candidates in the DC General Election on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.  They are:

For Delegate to the US House of Representatives:  Eleanor Holmes Norton, Democrat, a stalwart friend of tenants, who make up almost 60% of DC residents.  She promotes affordable housing with great success on the federal level for DC residents and the nation

Mayor of DC:  Ann C. Wilcox, Statehood Green, who has successfully fought for progressive issues, including defending protesters, a burgeoning concern in the current political climate. She is a fierce advocate of DC Statehood and strengthening DC home rule against federal encroachment, of which tenants’ rights and rent control are key components.

At-Large Members of the Council:  (two At-Large seats up for election: vote for two)  Elissa Silverman, Independent, a strong progressive on affordable housing, who voted to keep tenant purchase rights (TOPA) for single family units,       -and- 

David Schwartzman, Statehood Green, environmental scientist who has long been a major champion of progressive causes, including social justice, tenants’ rights, affordable housing, the environment, and statehood.

Council Member for Ward 3:  Mary M Cheh, Democrat, constitutional law professor, a longtime supporter of tenants and progressive causes 

Council Member for Ward 5:  Joyce (Chestnut) Robinson-Paul, Statehood Green, a strong progressive voice for community stabilization and tenants’ rights.  Championed Crummell School in their battle to preserve valuable public property against developer encroachment.

DC Attorney General for DC:  Karl Racine, Democrat, who led the fight against slumlords, notably forcing out of DC corrupt Stanford Capital as landlords, and who successfully fought illegal Airbnbs.  Rarely has an elected official been so proactive in tenant and affordable housing matters.

US Shadow Senator:  Michael D Brown, Democrat, has been a strong proponent of tenants’ rights, affordable housing and rent control, and a key figure in the movement to grant statehood to DC.

US Shadow Representative:  Franklin Garcia, Democrat, a trailblazer in many progressive efforts, including founder and president of the DC Latino Caucus, and strong fighter for DC tenants issues.

Why TENAC Chose “No Endorsement” For Some Races

     TENAC made no endorsements for certain D.C. Council races, since we believed those candidate choices failed to offer sufficient commitment to our basic mission which is vigorous advocacy for rent control, affordable housing, and tenants’ rights.  Other races involve newcomers that look promising, some we are not yet that familiar with, and some that lack experience.  We look forward to their continued pursuit of a role in DC politics.

The TENAC Endorsement choices were based on the following beliefs and values:

 ·      elected officials must be knowledgeable, and actively strive for fairness
·      special benefits for the rich 1% should not be granted at the sacrifice of middle or low-income residents
·      decent affordable housing is a human right  (TENAC has always affirmed the U.N. Declaration on Human Rights on housing)
·      regulation must be applied in situations where greedy powerful forces operate unfairly
·      a fair income for landlords and developers is compatible with fairness to renters
·      the unethical favoritism for landlords in current legislation must be corrected 


     The major concern in our endorsements is the lack of affordable housing in DC.  Rent control has been corrupted in ways that lessen its effectivenessAs a result, the number of rental units under rent control is decreasing steadily.  DC has become too expensive for many low and middle income residents, and many have left the city.  Much of the “workforce housing” has been eliminated, forcing residents like teachers and firefighters to live well outside the DC metropolitan area.  DC firefighters report "most of the force now live in West Virginia due to the high renting costs in DC."  Housing Bubble II and hyper-gentrification are being stoked with a vengeance by the real estate interests.  

     TENAC believes that voters must know - - especially those concerned about affordable housing and tenant issues - - that all this could not happen without the consent of DC politicians, and DC officials.  TENAC wants the City Council and Mayor to know that their inaction of not reversing the trial compounding 2% add-on to rent increases above the consumer price index (CPI), and their elimination of Tenant Opportunity to Purchase (TOPA) rights for single family residents, has left the DC tenant community angry and eager for relief.

 What TENAC Does

      Most DC residents are renters, and TENAC represents all DC renters.  TENAC advocates before the DC council, for tenants rights, rent control, and affordable housing, often by testifying at hearings.  We look for and help elect officials who will advance fairness for tenants against the large, influential real estate and business lobbies, which far outweigh tenants in both power and resources.  TENAC organizes tenants, including forming Tenants Associations, a vital vehicle that can empower tenants in the face of unfair landlord practices.  Part of TENAC’s work is to educate renters to combat unethical and often illegal rental practices, which prove almost impossible to fight - - due to landlord advantages which the Council has allowed to corrupt DC law.

- TENAC Executive Committee

We hope TENAC has been helpful to you. We are here to help tenants and promote tenants rights, affordable housing and rent control in the District. To help us, please consider making a donation to TENAC. Simply click here at http://www.tenac.org and scroll down to the DONATE TO TENAC LINK. We appreciate it greatly.