SAVE MUSEUM SQUARE APARTMENTS! LET TENANTS EXERCISE THEIR LEGAL RIGHT TO BUY AND KEEP IT AFFORDABLE! Prevent the break-up of the Asian Community and save the homes where most Chinatown Asians now live! (4th and K Streets, NW)

Developers, in an effort to demolish Museum Square Apts., displacing 325 tenants on vouchers, with no regard for any recourse or place to go, have tried several end-arounds to achieve these goals.  The most striking is naming a fantastic purchase price based on future projections of value no real estate broker except Rasputin would dare proffer, all really to deprive tenants of their right to buy their building with such an outlandish price. The courts agreed, and even the city council stepped in to call an absurdity an absurdity. (Click for details) Their efforts, we are sure, will continue without let-up, contemplating the potential of development profits, so we ask your help! Email or phone your councilmember and the Mayor and voice your support.

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