Dear Tenants and Friends,
Regrettably, we must cancel the March 7 TENAC Meeting, due to illness in the ranks, especially our Chairman Jim McGrath's orthopedic disability. He is facing back surgery, to take place at New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, world renowned for lower back surgery, where Sen. Edward Kennedy's back was repaired, and plans to convalesce a while with his family there. Accordingly, there will be no TENAC Board Meeting on March 7, but we look forward to gathering with all of you again in May and also in the interim to push vigorously for the rent reforms that TENAC, with so many of our superb members, have helped outline before Councilmember Michael Brown. Councilmember Brown plans to introduce the legislation we hope and expect to have significant impact in crafting. We regret cancelling the March meeting; only severe impediments cause us to do so, but we feel confident that we will have a banner year of achievement and success notwithstanding. Thanks to all. Best wishes and keep the faith!
Jim McGrath
Long Live Rent Control! Long Live Tenants Rights! Long Live Affordable Housing!