TENAC (the D.C. Tenants' Advocacy Coalition) asks your help to turn around the Pepco-Exelon end-around! The Public Service Commission (PSC) refused the utility giants Pepco and Exelon the first time, help the PSC stand up to these wealthy giants again!   (After rejection by the PSC as a bad deal for D.C. consumers, the utilities are now attempting to ram it through a second time, claiming they have "improved" the deal, but virtually everyone except paid cheerleaders and shills for the utility companies don't believe them and stand against it.) 

    While the companies have paid hired hands to complete studies to make the deal look good, they are simply window dressing on a bad deal, with "improvements" and "studies" that "prove" Pepco and Exelon (false) claims.  Check out the video below on the results of their performance in Illinois. Don't let it happen here!  By media bombardment, ads, and "surveys", and pressure on the politicians, they hope they can pull it off.  So we need to apply pressure from the public by voicing our concerns, and tell the PSC that the public, the 99% will not allow it.  

    TIme is running out; Now is the time to support the ANCs, mostly all D.C. residents, and leaders bold enough to stand against it by voicing your opposition.  Your future utility bills, the service you receive and the clean energy we have so long needed depend on it.  

    Email or write the Public Service Commission that you are against the merger and to again reject it.  The deadline for written comments from the public is next Wed., Dec. 23rd.  We devoutly urge you to email the PSC on or before December 23 at:  

     We also kindly ask that you distribute this email far and wide.