HOW NICE! EVICTIONS WITH CRUELTY: Council Chairman Swoops In and Removes Humanitarian Protections; Advocates and Tenants Aghast! Observers Flabbergasted, Object. That won't stop Them!

The Council is at it again. In an almost unbelievable but certainly appalling move, they are attempting to reverse the rights of tenants in evictions that has been unanimously approved by the council  in evictions, in the proposed "Evictions with Dignity Act":
After voting to require landlords to store a tenants belongings up to 30 days when being evicted,  the new change would instead give the tenant 3 hours to pack up their belongings and if not, the landlord would be able to sell the tenants belongings to pay for any costs incurred by eviction.
Why not put any children of the household up for sale, too? THE GORY DETAILS from the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia (you may need to click):