First things first, congratulations to the winners!  TENAC wishes them well.  While the outcome did not reflect our earlier message of “NEW FACES – NEW HOPES FOR AN AFFORDABLE DC,” TENAC does not believe in sour grapes, especially since we view all of the winners as good people, friends, and in many cases former TENAC endorsees, as well.  But “Business as Usual” does not reflect a win for this city.  It does nothing to address the preeminent problems of the District’s rampant unaffordability crisis, the critical need to reform rent control, and the increasing erosion of tenant rights.

 Mayor Bowser is an impressive lady.  She gave a fine overview of city problems at Brookings.  But $100 million to the Housing Trust Fund does very little to help affordable housing and homelessness, when $100 million was allocated for the MLK Library alone.  The Library is a treasure and an architectural jewel, rivalling Lever House in New York, but it is only one building, vis a vis the same amount for the whole city.  Does that make sense?

 Chairman Mendelson is a good man, who has done good things for the city, (he was terrific on the “Save Our Sholls Cafeteria (SOS) campaign), but rent control, TOPA rights, and the 2% rent rip-off appear absent from his agenda and that of other Council winners.

 TENAC makes no apologies for our choices.  We will work closely with all of the electoral winners. We also had decisive wins – a heroic Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, a staunch fighter for civil and tenant rights, Attorney General Karl Racine, progressive CM’s Mary Cheh and Elissa Silverman, and our gallant representatives, Franklin Garcia and Michael Brown.

 Reform is in the air.  A new revitalized TENAC is in the offing, under the excellent direction of our TENAC Transition Team, with ties to great organizations such as Empower D.C., the Latino Economic Development Council, D.C. Labor, and many others.




Jim McGrath
TENAC Chairman