– A mistake? An error? We don’t think so. Jonetta Rose Barras reports that hidden deep within proposed legislation was an attempt to take away OTA’s independence as an agency. See her article at

The mayor’s office said this was an error, mistake. If it slipped by, it would make OTA’s employees subject to serving at the pleasure of the mayor, meaning removable at any time, for any reason. We saw this movie when Fenty fired a good Rent Administrator (one actually handing down fair decisions not loophole-developer- devised convoluted wins). Because developers couldn’t devour her in court they went through the back door via the mayor and got her fired. All to destroy tenants’ rights and affordable housing for profit, gain, and greed. Stay tuned for more. The TENAC Candidates Forum is Monday, Apr. 20 at Sumner School, 17th and M Streets, NW from 6:30 – 9 PM, Come find out about this and more, and Ask the Candidates for Answers!