THE ANNUAL RENT INCREASE FOR 2016-2017 FOR RENT CONTROL TENANTS is 2 PERCENT for standard rent control tenants

- those not disabled or seniors (over 62)! For seniors and the disabled, the annual rent increase is ZERO PERCENT (0%)  THIS APPLIES TO THE PERIOD BEGINNING May 1, 2016 and ENDING April 30, 2017.


The increases are based on the CPI (percent increase in the cost of living) that the District uses (this year zero percent increase), then the annual 2% (two percent) extra that the law allows landlords to take. DON'T FORGET, Seniors and disabled tenants' increases are capped at the CPI figure, meaning zero percent increase for them. 
DON'T FORGET, these rent increase limits are for the "Rent Control Year 2016", different from the calendar year. The "Rent Control Year" begins May 1, 2016 and ends April 30, 2017.  
DON'T BE CONFUSED IF YOUR RENT INCREASES ARE DIFFERENT IF YOUR ANNUAL INCREASE OCCURS BEFORE May 1, 2016. Those figures are based on the prior increase limits applying to May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016.  Those increases are slightly higher: senior and disabled rent control tenants are limited to 1.5 % increase, and other rent control tenants to 3.5% For details, consult the Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA) website,