ANNOUNCING THE 6th ANNUAL TENANT SUMMIT - Sponsored by The Office of Tenant Advocate (OTA).  TENAC Chairman JIM MCGRATH will be KEYNOTE SPEAKER! (See attached press release +for details)

On Sat., Sept. 28, 2013, at Gallaudet University (NoMa/New York Avenue red line metro stop), tenants and tenant advocates will gather to discuss crucial tenantissues; The mayor and councilmembers will address the gathering to hear your problems and concerns. Now is the time to get commitments from our political leaders formeaningful reform!  The summit will feature important seminars and presentations for all tenants, from new tenants who have just moved into D.C and those who are purchasingtheir apartments to those who have been renters for decades. We urge you not to miss this vital event!

Landmark 6th Annual OTA Summit, TENAC Chairman Keynote Speaker.doc33 KB