Councilmember Muriel Bowser claims to have found religion over what public opinion agrees is D.C.'s most pressing problem: affordable housing. But her deeds and record show the opposite. Tenants and advocates fighting for affordability have found what most of the city is unaware of: that despite a majority of councilmembers agreeing to needed legislation promoting affordable housing and meaningful reform, she has bottled it all up single-handedly in her committee which has the oversight and power over housing issues. Now the only question that remains is whether voters unfamiliar with the details will mindlessly follow The Washington Post's endorsement of Bowser, in its never-ending pursuit of real estate and developer dollars to, in the words of the beguiling slogan, "make D.C. a world-class city," code for making D.C. safe and affordable only for the wealthy by the displacement of all not rich and of those who have lived here long term. Continuing this trend would make diversity in D.C. into a hypocritical tokenism worse in many ways than the reddest of states, by its often merciless displacement of renters for rampant gentrification and housing bubbles galore. Click for details.

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