The 2 Percent Add-On To Rents Is Crushing
Affordable Housing!

In case you were unaware, real estate magnates and landlords already reaping millions per year with $1600 efficiencies and $2200 one-bedroom apartments (in what top studies call the most unaffordable city in the nation) are allowed, incredulously, to charge an extra two percent to tenants each year.

We ask the city council, why should we allow renters to be gouged further when rents are already astronomical? Average rents could conceivably double in 10 to 12 years due to the minor miracle of compounding. Why this largesse one could ask - - but more precisely one should ask why does the city council not take a stand? The council's image is 
touted as defender of affordable housing

 and social justice, but is it really, when it comes to tenants' rights, the poor and the disenfranchised when they refuse to commit publicly to repeal this burden? This can't do attitude from the council after pleas from tenants and housing advocates won't do. We think (with virtually unanimous agreement from the public) that reaping millions without the two percent each year is enough largesse for the city council to allow - especially when that windfall comes on the back of some of those who can afford it the least: seniors, the disabled, students, and at these prices, now even the middle class. Yes, look around. It is a changed city. Much of which is for the better. But when you look, don't pretend you don't see residents below a certain level of income or status. "Market rate" and "free market" can be reasonable arguments, but in this gentrified, rarified environment, they are simply an excuse for more and more never ending profit.

Stop 2 Percent Rent Increase image TENAC DC

This isn't just about the two-percent increase. Instead, it indicates a much bigger picture. We ask, how can you allow current assistance programs to tenants run out of funds near mid-cycle, other helpful programs that helped tenants pay the rent expire, housing subsidies to vanish, and the waiting list for housing vouchers grow to a seven or even ten year wait for applicants in a city so housing rich? It is a perverted program when housing assistance, tenants' rights, and homelessness were much better when the city was much poorer, and now that we are much richer - due primarily to housing growth - we have gutted that funding and what was once progressive policy. We must ask if the tea party, Trump and the Koch Brothers really run this town, and if not, why do city policies mirror such malice? We ask the city council to start to address this basic issue of fairness and social justice by committing to repeal the two-percent add-on which comes at the expense of a majority of their constituents.

We urge you to contact your councilmembers by email or phone, and voice your concern (click here for their contact info). We strongly urge the city council to begin holding hearings on the two percent burden as well as real reform, and give residents their day to air grievances to address this injustice. What say you, councilmembers?