TENAC is a non-profit, public service organization dedicated exclusively to tenant interests, tenant rights, and support for rent control in the District of Columbia. We are the only city-wide tenants organization, and we represent all tenants in the District of Columbia.

As a legal successor to the Tenants' Organizations Political Action Committee (TOPAC), we have been serving tenants for almost 15 years. TENAC's mission is to assist tenants through education, legal information, and lobbying for tenant legislation- especially affordable housing and tenants' rights. TENAC prepares legislative proposals on behalf of tenants, and testifies frequently before the City Council on matters of vital interest to tenants. Of critical importance is TENAC's HOTLINE (202) 288-1921, which answers landlord/tenant questions, and TENAC's role in helping tenants to form tenant associations throughout the city.

TENAC believes that tenants in unorganized rental buildings are open for abuse by landlords, rental agents, and owners. We will not rest until we see a tenants' association in every rental building in the city.

MORE ON... The 2016 TENAC CANDIDATES FORUM for D.C. Primary Election!

MORE ON...The  2016  TENAC CANDIDATES FORUMfor D.C. Primary Election!
Enclosed is the official TENAC CANDIDATES FORUM FLYER with important details about the Forum!

BETTY SELLERS - TENAC sadly notes the passing of Betty Sellers, a long-time tenant advocate in the District, and long-time confidant of David Conn, another outstanding tenant leader.

 The Office of Tenant Advocate (OTA) rightly saluted both as “pioneers” in effective advocacy for rent control, affordable housing, and tenant rights.  David Conn, a distinguished attorney, was a legend in this city, who indefatigably championed the tenant cause and Betty Sellers was his invaluable assistant.  They were a “dynamic duo,” who left a record of achievement in their wake benefitting all tenants in the District. TENAC applauds their legacy, and extends heartfelt condolences to their survivors.   

THE ANNUAL RENT INCREASE FOR 2016-2017 FOR RENT CONTROL TENANTS is 2 PERCENT for standard rent control tenants

- those not disabled or seniors (over 62)! For seniors and the disabled, the annual rent increase is ZERO PERCENT (0%)  THIS APPLIES TO THE PERIOD BEGINNING May 1, 2016 and ENDING April 30, 2017.



EVEN SIDWELL FRIENDS ALUMNI ARE QUESTIONING IT, AS IT REEKS OF SOMETHING OTHER THAN QUAKER PRINCIPLES from a Quaker school, Click to see the second, more revealing article by The Post:https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/sidwell-friends-alumni-raise-concerns-about-purchase-of-nursing-home/2015/11/18/f27f7a00-8d4e-11e5-acff-673ae92ddd2b_story.html


AFTER MALFEASANCE? MISTREATMENT?....THEN SELLING THE WASHINGTON HOME to SIDWELL FRIENDS - a wealthy elite school - to end ultimately in eviction for vulnerable hospice patient!  THERE'S MORE TO THIS STORY THAN JUST THE WASHINGTON POST ARTICLE. Check out The Georgetowner tell-it-like-it-is article and TENAC's comments/press release on the whole situation Click here:    Sidwell Friends to Purchase Washington Hospice Property | The Georgetowner

RENT CONTROL CAMPAIGN MEETING TUESDAY, JAN. 19, 2016 - 6:30 to 8:30 PM at Petworth Library (4200 Kansas Avenue, NW)

- We are all witnessing the weakening of rent control on all fronts and by all methods, spearheaded by wealthy real estate interests whose prime concern is profit, despite when it means displacing longtime tenants, even the elderly. All tenants and housing advocates concerned about strengthening rent control plan on attending this important meeting sponsored by Jews for Justice! Click for details See you there!

JUFJ Rent Control Campaign Meeting
January 19 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Rent control policies prevent landlords from suddenly and unfairly jacking up the rent on their tenants. But DC’s rent control system isn’t strong enough. This means low-income DCers struggle to stay in their homes in an ever-gentrifying city.
Jews United for Justice (JUFJ) is working to close loopholes in our system and preserve DC’s affordable housing. Come to our campaign meeting, and be a part of the solution.
Date: January 19
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Venue: Petworth Library, 4200 Kansas Ave. NW, Washington,DC 20011 United States
Organizer: Jews United for Justice
Phone: 202-408-1423
Email: sarah@jufj.org


TENAC (the D.C. Tenants' Advocacy Coalition) asks your help to turn around the Pepco-Exelon end-around! The Public Service Commission (PSC) refused the utility giants Pepco and Exelon the first time, help the PSC stand up to these wealthy giants again!   (After rejection by the PSC as a bad deal for D.C. consumers, the utilities are now attempting to ram it through a second time, claiming they have "improved" the deal, but virtually everyone except paid cheerleaders and shills for the utility companies don't believe them and stand against it.) 

CRITICAL- Turn Out at Hearing Needed to Defeat Pepco/Exelon Merger!

We Ask, Please Attend if Only for an Hour - the only Public Service Commission Hearing (re-hearing) on the Merger, This Tuesday, Nov. 17th; A Strong Showing Will Help Defeat This Back Door Effort!


Renters Alliance of Montgomery County Celebration on December 3  (click for details and see 


Mayor Bowser's decision to settle with Exelon is still a bad deal. We're working to stop Exelon, but we need your help. The D.C. Public Service Commission is accepting comments from the public. We need to let them know where D.C.

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